Julia Volkova

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16 Apr

[Gif] #JuliaVolkova giving an interview on Russian Music Box Channel 16.04.14

16 Apr #JuliaVolkova and Ligalize are giving an interview on Russian Music Box right now :)

#JuliaVolkova and Ligalize are giving an interview on Russian Music Box right now :)

13 Apr

[Gif] #JuliaVolkova at DaGino Restaurant.

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11 Apr

[.Gif] #JuliaVolkova - Love in every moment

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10 Aprjenyarussia said: tell me more about Liza, and did she appered at Love in every moment? was it real Lena Katina sang but not real fight. what happen in the end.?

Liza is Elizaveta Lukina, Julia’s friend, who was first seen with Julia at Leps Bar Birthday Party and Jelsomino Cafe Birthday Party where they sang ‘Nas Ne Dagonyat’ together. She is a PR manager working with Russian singers Sati Casanova and Irina Dubtsova, and was chosen to be lk’s double in the video Love in Every Moment since lk refused to have any kind of contact with Julia, reason why they recorded their scenes separately at different times to avoid contact, and also the reason why they needed a double in the first place. 

lk had to sing because she signed contracts to and had no way out. If it was up to her, the song and video would have never gotten this far. You can see how Julia and Ligalize are the only ones that care enough to promote it. As soon as the video shooting was over she flew to LA (better said, after her scenes were recorded, since the shooting took a few more days).

When it comes to the meaning behind the end of the video, I have my personal interpretations but I’d rather keep them for myself, I honestly don’t need to invite drama to my blog. All I can say is, the end of the video symbolizes what tatu has come to, and shows who is the only person who has always tried to save the band.